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Australia-based VapeFox is an online store dedicated to supplying quality eliquid vaping equipment and sales of related personal vaporizer accessories and consumables to the Australian vaping community.

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Stock includes starter vaping kits, eliquids, batteries and chargers, cartomisers,clearomizers and accessories. All stock displayed is on hand in Australia, ready to ship at a $8.25 flat rate to anywhere in the country.

VapeFox is run by an ex-smoker who made the switch to vaping and has never looked back, saving thousands of dollars since ditching tobacco cigarettes and experiencing many other benefits. 

Personal vaporizers have been an alternative for tobacco users for some years; but they are just starting to really gain popularity in Australia. The 'vaping' revolution has begun.

Among the many benefits of vaping aside from saving money is there are far fewer harmful chemicals in the liquids used in vaporizers compared to tobacco smoke. There is no burning and no smoke involved - the vapor is created at much lower temperatures than a tobacco cigarette and the eliquid (also called juice) is not ignited. 

People who use vaping equipment exclusively are no longer smokers, but vapers - and the numbers are growing!

Buy vaping gear from Vapefox with confidence - all product lines are in-house tested. If we won't vape with it, we don't sell it!

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